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Denis's chestnut grove has been organically grown since 2002.

From March until July, Denis pruns and takes care of the trees. It uses biological protection and provides sheep fertilizer as well as BRF (Bois Raméal Fragmenté) and compost.

The harvest begins in October and continues in November. It is done entirely by hand.

Once the chestnuts have been collected, it performs a rapid flotation allowing the chestnuts to be sorted, then they are dried and sorted by size and finally placed in a cold room. These steps are carried out quickly enough so that the chestnuts arrive in the cold room at most 48 hours after harvest.

Denis then stores and processes his chestnuts from October until January. Peeling and bottling is done on the farm in a dedicated kitchen, then sterilization is done in a laboratory approved "organic" to European standards.

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