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The LocalScale Platform Playbook

How to join and own a platform that helps regenerate local ecosystems

how it works

Join a global movement and regenerative ecosystem to empower humanity and heal our planet.


Becoming a Citizen of Change

Rules of engagement and approach to local and participative regeneration.

Most economic models today tend to concentrate voice and value into fewer hands over time. On the other hand, LocalScale uses blockchain-based transparent protocols to rank accounts by contribution, and distribute rewards using a linear distribution scheme. What that means is that the highest account will get only slightly more than the second highest account. This reduces inequality while also providing room for advancement and higher earnings. Over time, LocalScale will trend towards a wider and more decentralized distribution of value as more people join and contribute. As members engage on the platform, through local community building, inviting like-minded individuals wanting to change the system, holding community events and participating to local governance, LocalScale will earn them rewards for contributing to implementing positive impact at their local level.

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Key Benefits of the LocalScale "Citizenship"

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LocalScale incentivises members to participate in regenerating their local communities. By default members can join their bioregion and be rewarded for local exchange. When joining LocalScale, members get the Visitor status, and can evolve to become Resident by verifying their unique identity on the system (this prevents gaming the system with multiple accounts) and joining a bioregion. Now, being an agent of local change in your community means providing real engagement and having "skin in the game". By achieving Citizen status, members will earn rewards and voice for their participation, as they directly contribute to the regeneration of their local ecosystems and communities.

Earn rewards by shopping locally

Citizen Status

Citizens get to save money by contributing to their local economy and supporting local merchants

Get community-funding for your local project

Citizen Status

Want to make a change in the local community? Put together a proposal and get it funded by the community

Become an ambassador for your bioregion

Ambassador Status

Ambassadors are the ultimate agents of change. They get rewarded for activating the community and connecting impact-positive organisations to their bioregion.

LocalScale: Globalising Local Resilience

LocalScale is designed for the sole purpose of helping regenerate local ecosystems and communities through financing, rewarding and incentivizing impact-positive initiatives.

Getting Started with LocalScale

How we work

Here is the user journey leading to local citizenship. Follow those steps to get started.


1. Create your account

Use this link to create your LocalScale account. Accounts are free. You will be granted Visitor status. You will then need to join or create a bioregion to become Resident.


2. Activate your blockchain account

Once your account is verified, you can activate your blockchain account and get ready to receive crypto-rewards for participating to your local economy!


3. Invite a few friends

In order to become Resident, you will also have to invite a couple friends. And then a couple more to become Citizen. Connecting with like-minded folks in the local community is key, so we'll round up some troops and co-create!


4. Stake some LocalScale Tokens

Once a Resident, you will need to stake some LocalScale Tokens to become Citizen. Staking is like keeping a minimum balance on your bank account.

Participate to a global movement

LocalScale interconnects with other regenerative organisations and tokens can be used and leveraged on other networks.

Local Bonuses

Buy local and you can get bonuses

Simple to Exchange

Convert LocalScale tokens to other crypto-currencies or to regular currency (upcoming)

Better than free membership

Access to the platform is free and can earn you income

Partners and Members

Resilience at Scale

Some of LocalScale's partners and members sharing their experience about their regenerative journey.