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In the 20th century, the small village vinegar makers gave way to a handful of industrialists. The production became standardized and the vinegar lost in quality.

In 2009, Laurent Faure was still a student at Ensae Paristech, a school of engineers, statisticians and economists, when he launched his first vinegar trials. In parallel with his first job, he created several vinegars that were favored by those around him.

His desire to combine his passions for viticulture and gastronomy, his desire to come back to live in the South and to do something "concrete" push him to change his profession. To develop Granhota, Laurent Faure therefore referred to his peers and to a few researchers working on bacteria (vinegar comes from the meeting of wine and the acetobacter bacteria).

Granhota appeared in 2013 to give back its letters of nobility to French vinegar, a condiment of gastronomic tradition. With Languedoc wines selected for their aromatic and organoleptic structure, Laurent Faure creates balsamic vinegars that follow the traditional recipe from Modena, and wine vinegars flavored with fruit or spices.

At Granhota vinegars do not contain any added coloring, preservative or sulphite. The master vinegar maker works his wine vinegars according to the ancestral method, one which respects the product, nature and which should never have been abandoned.

Since the end of 2013, Granhota has brought artisanal wine vinegar to life thanks to its young master vinegar maker, self-taught and passionate about it.

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