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The LocalScale Token is token of ownership of LocalScale platform. Buying LocalScale tokens takes just a few simple steps. These tokens can be used for unlocking specific levers within the LocalScale ecosystem. At the moment, you can only buy 1,000 Local Tokens per account per day.

LocalScale is an organization focusing on the development of resilient and sustainable local economies through the use of technology, science and regenerative activities.

Our vision is that, given the challenges faced by our civilization, the depletion of natural resources, and the anticipated contraction of modern economies, the transformation of our societies will only be possible through positivist approaches and intrinsically guided by principles of sustainable/regenerative and ethical development of local communities, while respecting and restoring natural ecosystems and promoting diversity and inclusion.

In order to achieve this vision, LocalScale offers an inclusive, free- to-access organisation and a platform that will promote the creation and use of local products, that will provide local economic alternatives to traditional financial systems, that will foster local entrepreneurship and local communities while advocating for social equality and social justice.