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Bio Suisse, a private-sector organization, is the federation of Swiss organic farmers, with 7'100 members. More than 1000 processing and trade companies have a licence contract with Bio Suisse to use the Bio Bud label.

Thanks to a joint effort by all producers and partners, Bio Suisse helps to bring people, animals and nature again in balance.

The member organizations of Bio Suisse represent the umbrella organization on the cantonal level and for branch-specific matters. The heads of the member organizations are the key contacts for all matters on the cantonal level (training and further training, advisory work, direct marketing).

The Research Institute of Organic Agriculture in Frick is an institution of national and international renown, carrying out research and advisory work in the field of organic farming.

The statutes of Bio Suisse state the tasks of the Bio Suisse Steering Committee in detail. The Steering Committee consists of five to nine members, the majority of whom are active organic farmers. Anyone employed by Bio Suisse or maintaining close business relations with Bio Suisse is ineligible. The president is elected by the Assembly of Delegates, as are new members following any resignation. The Steering Committee allocates responsibilities internally (except for the presidency). Great store is set by the adequate representation of the different production types, the linguistic regions of Switzerland, and both sexes.

The Steering Committee is the Association's strategic decision-making body. Its challenging tasks include the development of the Association's mission statement and business policies (in cooperation with Head Office). The Steering Committee provides leadership to Head Office by formulating verifiable target agreements. Only the Managing Director is entitled to give instructions to Head Office staff directly.

For all members of the Steering Committee, the management of Bio Suisse as a whole has priority over regional, product-specific or other interests.

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