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Sacred Geometry Cactus Leather Mask

$85.00 S1,032.00

Cutting edge laser cut technology is used to create these avant-garde masks made from eco-friendly cactus leather

The 2 inside mask layers are made from soft viscose fabric.

The mask comes with an activated carbon PM 2.5 filter which blocks dust, pollen, and airborne particles down to 2.5 micrometers

Available to ship from USA for customers located in the US, South America, and Asia.
Available to ship from Europe for European customers : no import tax.


⬖ High quality craftsmanship

⬖ Black light reactive design

⬖ Filter pocket 

⬖ Adjustable ear loops, mask attaches behind ears (see  last picture)

⬖ Aluminum strip to fit the mask to your nose

⬖ Clean by hand washing

Our masks are made from a highly sustainable plant based vegan-leather made from cactus. Its production complies with the most rigorous quality and environmental standards. This eco-luxury alternative to leather is made without any toxic chemicals, phthalates and PVC. 

Your mask purchase helps to feed a family in need. We've partnered with the Bali Hospitality Movement which helps out of work hospitality workers in Bali, Indonesia where we've been quarantined. 85% of the island's economy depends on tourism and many families have been devastated by the economic consequences of COVID-19. Each mask sale will cover a week's worth of food for an employee who has lost his job or been laid-off.


Measure from center of nose bridge to beginning of your earlobe. Most people fit a Medium. Choose size Large if you have a high nose bridge or wide face. 

⬖ Standard= Up to 14cm or 5.5"
⬖ Large- Larger than 14cm or 5.5" 

Cleaning Instructions

The exterior of mask can be cleaned with wet wipes. For more intensive cleaning, remove the filter then soak the mask in water with natural soap. Rub any stains from the interior pocket. Gently press excess water from the mask then hang to dry. For an extra touch of freshness, once dry, spray your mask with an essential oil spray blend or place fresh herbs in the filter pocket. 


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We are a husband and wife team who decided to forego the norm and live our dream life as nomadic designers, creating transformative couture that empowers those who wear it.
We travel the world in search of inspiration, creating wearable art, and shooting inspiring content in epic landscapes. Alot of the materials used in our designs were either sourced during our travels or self-designed via laser cutting techniques or custom fabric printing.