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Balam-Ha Laser Cut Chain Hood

$165.00 $140.25 S1,703.00

A unique hood style made from laser cut microfiber, a vegan suede alternative. Up close, the hood appears to feature a series of repetitive dots. Step back, and you see the optical halftone illusion- the dots blur together, revealing the fierce image of a jaguar. ⬖ The opposite side of the hood features a swirling sacred geometry pattern. ⬖ Multiple chains dangle from the hood to drape across the chest, creating a sexy effect that doubles as a multi-layered necklace. One size fits all. ⬖ Balam-Ha means jaguar-water in Mayan ⬖ NOTE: the embroidered trim style along the hood border may vary according to availability Matching laser cut sacred geometry mask and Cosmic Owl Shawl sold separately

Tags : later hood

We are a husband and wife team who decided to forego the norm and live our dream life as nomadic designers, creating transformative couture that empowers those who wear it.
We travel the world in search of inspiration, creating wearable art, and shooting inspiring content in epic landscapes. Alot of the materials used in our designs were either sourced during our travels or self-designed via laser cutting techniques or custom fabric printing.