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We certify vacation homes based on a decrease of carbon emissions. Our mission is to guide property managers and owners on their sustainability journey and allow them to prove their commitment based on hard data.

I’ve been in the vacation rental industry for many years… I started off by creating one of the first online bookable websites for short-term rentals worldwide (yes, before Airbnb!) and later on a channel manager called Rentals United (and Airbnb became my client!).

Since the pandemic, we have been researching the world of sustainability and realised that none of the existing hospitality certifications were adapted for the specific needs of our industry… How can we unite under one banner and show the world we’re also doing our part? And more importantly: how can we prove that we’re lowering consumption based on data? This is when Sustonica was born and it took me close to a year to bring all the parts of the solution together.

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