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Every day, business is done while neglecting some of our most important partners: Farmers and Earth. The result has had destructive global consequences like climate change, desertification, and resource depletion that affect nearly every aspect of human life. The United Nations FAO estimates our soils will no longer be able to support the human food supply within just 60 years. The price tag to ‘fix’ these problems is estimated to be in the trillions, paralyzing global efforts to move quickly.

There may be nothing of more critical importance today than the regeneration of the world’s ecosystems. Farmers, the stewards of our global landscapes, offer one of the most powerful pathways for reversing climate change and unlocking the largest untapped market in the world: the services and products generated by Earth’s ecosystems. Regen Network’s blockchain-based marketplace creates a new contracting platform for farmers to monetize their ecological data while getting rewarded for sustainable practices. By improving understanding of the state of our land, oceans, and watersheds and enabling rewards for verified positive changes, Regen Network catalyzes the regeneration of our ecosystems.

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