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Forests Without Frontiers is a non-profit CIC dedicated to planting trees and reforesting degraded landscapes with support from a network of artists and musicians, as well as businesses and individuals working to become carbon-positive.

The initiative was founded by Nicoleta Carpineanu (aka Nico de Transilvania), a Romanian, UK-based DJ/Producer who grew up in the forests of Transylvania. Our first key project is in Romania’s Carpathian mountains where we are reforesting land that has been clear-cut and where natural reforestation would not occur. In our first year, we planted over 25,000 trees and we aim to plant one million trees in the Carpathians and beyond by 2025. We only plant native, biodiverse species, grown locally and cared for until maturity in legally protected areas adjacent to existing natural forests.

Carbon sequestration through responsible, sustainable tree planting is a key component in the fighting climate crisis and protecting our planet, especially when done in tandem with rebuilding wildlife corridors and protecting biodiversity havens.

Indigenous practices of land management, rituals and artistry are also all under threat. Forests Without Frontiers is committed to protecting local cultural traditions and supporting local communities. We do this through creative forest-themed fundraising projects, which also help educate the younger generation and promote the importance of protecting virgin forests and reforestation

Our long-term goal is to establish further projects around the globe in key areas, partnering with local organisations and people who hold site-specific knowledge and expertise.

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