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At Common Future, we imagine a future where people, no matter their race or ethnicity have power, choice, and ownership over the economy. Founded in 2001, we know that the ideas, models, and solutions that can restore community wealth already exist, they just require attention and investment. We believe our future is a shared financial, social, environmental contract, one we want to build together.

We’ve worked with 160+ community leaders and funders through our cohort learning programs, but the work doesn’t stop there. Our work has evolved beyond these programs into flexible initiatives that build inclusive economies. This has included targeted convenings of local ecosystem players, advisory services for place-based and national funders, and a Social Entrepreneurs in Residence program.

We exist to unite and uplift the leadership network. The Network consists of people on the frontlines—community practitioners, place-based foundation leaders, and impact investors—who have participated in our programs and connect over a shared agenda. We build opportunities for collaboration across the Network and seek out ways to resource their efforts to build equitable economies.

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