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Our vision is to have collective connection, full of love and respect towards humanity, starting at this place of healing, dreaming and experimenting. We want to gather medicine people here to create a strong healing vibration which will expand and shine all over the world. Living a new way as a tribe, where we are coming back to our own purpose by self-realization. Shifting our individual and collective consciousness by living truth, freedom, joy, creativity, magic and meditation.

Feel responsible for us and each other and helping each other to evolve passion and talents. Space without expectations, based on family feeling, where everybody is accepted and nurtured. We create sustainable and ecological community with a strong commitment and sacrifice for the benefit of each other, where children and elders live together transferring wisdom, knowledge and art, based on an equal distribution of responsibilities.

This place is going to be base of a Network, where each community stays autonomous and work globally on global healing. We dream of a movement around the lake, where we create such a strong healing vibration that it’s spread all over the world. We would like us to stay long-term, create a family connection and grow our own organic food with healing intention. Utopia… Higher purpose… an example of what visionary people can achieve working together with the local community. We see this place with global connection and limitless resources, where we build a full spectrum multidimensional university for deeper life knowledge with a multi dynamic teaching within generations. All of this connected with a beautiful vibration between us individuals. Ahooo!

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Affiliated to: Tribal Village Atitlan

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