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Bardo Farm is an off-the-grid family farm (more like a small unintentional community) with a focus on permaculture using a balance of our agricultural avenues; livestock, gardening, maple-sugaring, foraging, forestry, and more. Unlike many farms, we like to diversify with a broad range animals and agriculture, not just focus on one. Currently, however, our pigs and chickens rule the farm in numbers (and the pigs certainly in behavior). We are always open to change and introducing new animals and projects. We have organic gardens, and raise our animals using free-range, woodland-raised, and pasture-raised practices whenever possible. Most of our animals are very friendly due to the attention and love we strive to give them. Our goal is to raise happy, healthy animals, and we are always seeking ways to improve our methods and the quality of life for our animals. We feel we are meeting this goal wonderfully so far. After all, happy animals taste better. Bardo is owned and operated by Neil & Emily Smith and Ian & Jody Underwood. The four of us moved to New Hampshire in September 2007. We bought a large property with an off-the-grid house so we could pursue our own bardo. We have since started breeding pigs and rabbits and raising chickens for meat and eggs. We also have ducks, turkeys, a rooster and his family, worms, and of course, our pet dogs.

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