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Boundless Farmstead's mission is to grow and cultivate healthy plants, animals, and community, and to form creative and sustainable practices by observing, listening, and studying. Boundless Farmstead was not the plan all along. Born not from heritage, ancestry, nor conformity, but from an uncontrollable, rampant, and unbounded desire to do what we learned to be right; to tend the earth and to leave this world a better place for generations to come. Our produce is grown using beyond-organic practices. We are not certified because we believe that small scale local farms do not need to pass the cost of the certification to the customer; instead, we invite you to our farm to see our practices at work! We hope to have a closed system some day (meaning everything we need will be made/grown on the farm). But until then, we rely on our neighbors and local restaurants to build our compost pile, while also using cover crops to add lots of organic material to our soil. Chemicals will never be used on our land. We aim to work with nature and not fight against her. We raise both heritage and non-heritage turkeys, a variety of laying hens, and Cornish Cross broiler chickens. All of our animals are on pasture during the day and kept safe in their coops against predators at night. We feed them a locally-grown whole grain blend that does not include corn or soy and is Non-GMO. Our chickens live out their days on the farm and are slaughtered on the farm. We honor our meat and hope you do too. We also raise laying hens for eggs, adorning our cartons with a variety of shapes and colors. When possible, we allow our hens to hatch and raise their young. We believe that to be a Locavore -a true local eater- preservation is key. Our preservation knows no limits and our summer months consist of full fermentation crocks, dehydrators, stock pots, and canning pots. David's prior business being in fermentation, we produce a mean kraut, kimchi, and sour pickle. We have also experimented with beet kvass, fermented condiments, and hot sauces. We have decades of experience in canning jams, vinegar pickles, and tomato products. Let us fill your cupboards for the winter.

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