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Currituck Farm. An Agri-artisan site on the Monticello Artisan Trail

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On our farm we raise grass fed beef. Hereford cows and Piedmontese or Angus bulls provide naturally heavy muscled, fast growing, gentle calves. We sell calves to other farms and will finish sides to order. Careful management and no poisons make healthy farm animals (and farmers too). We keep calves from our annual calf crop to raise on the farm. They mature at different times, so our meat is available throughout the year. We have sold out in the past so please contact us to get on the list. In 2010, Currituck Farm became certified by the USDA as a grass fed producer. We have always been antibiotic and additive free. Our processing plant is federally inspected. The meat is carefully shrink wrapped in individual cuts, each bearing the Identity of the farm and the individual animal. We have meat in our Currituck freezer for sale in retail amounts. In Central Virginia, we are part of a growing local food effort and are looking forward to the day when beef raisers are able to work together to provide a kind of Beef CSA. Once a continuing demand for local beef is established, more processing facilities will follow. There is already interest from our local public institutions, schools, and restaurants for local beef. Meeting the demand for fresh beef is the challenge yet to be solved. We look forward to meeting you. We are a trail site on the Monticello Artisan Trail as an agri-artisan in Central Virginia.

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