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Beatrix Farm raises free-range eggs, chicken, pork and turkey on a farm in Toms Brook, VA We raise pastured turkeys in the autumn. They love foraging and prefer to stay outside in all types of weather. These turkeys are sold fresh, just days before Thanksgiving so there is never a need for them to be frozen. This is the most amazing turkey you will ever experience. We still have some available for this Thanksgiving 2016 so reserve yours today before they sell out! We are also offering Muscovy duck this year so if you are looking for something a little more exotic for your Thanksgiving or holiday meal, think about trying out fresh young duck from our farm. We free-range our chickens seasonally for meat and eggs. Our Cornish Cross and heritage breed meat chickens are started in clean, bright, open-air brooders where we spread fresh sawdust bedding as needed until they are ready for the great outdoors (usually about 3 weeks of age), at which point they are put out to pasture. From then on they are free-ranged where they have all the sunshine and forage they want, and protection from the elements and predators. Our forested pigs are rotated through the forest. They have ample shade, dig for grubs, and munch on the produce we give them. They love the acorns and the low-hanging leaves they find in the woods. We sell the pork by the whole, half, and by the cut. These sell out quickly and take 6 months to raise and we raise 2-3 batches a year. Simply call or email us if you'd like to place an order.

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