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Do-It-Yourself Eggs - Rent Seasonal Egg Laying Hens and Complete Coop

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NEW for 2014 Do you want to raise your own farm fresh eggs in your backyard? We make it easy! In May we deliver 2 egg laying hens and everything you need to keep them happy and healthy and producing fresh eggs for your family. We include a portable coop, feed, waterer, feed bowl and of course, instructions. During the season we are there to answer your questions and help make your urban homesteading experience a success. You care for your chickens and collect the eggs for your table. You enjoy their companionship, unique personalities and penchant for clearing your yard of insects. In the Fall, we collect the chickens and bring them back to our farm to spend the winter. And we pack up the coop for the season and store it at our farm until spring rolls around again. We will set up your Urban Homestead anywhere South of the Illinois/Wisconsin border North of I90 in Chicago and anywhere East of Route 14.

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