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WE SELL FRESH QUALITY CUSTOM CUTS OF CERTIFIED ORGANIC GRASS-FED "BELTIE BEEF" (Belted Galloway/heritage breed) TO RESTAURANTS AND CONSUMERS. In addition, in 2005 Beltie Beef, noticing the lack of availability of certified organic beef sausage, particularly beef summer sausage, decided to develop an entirely new product. We postulated that a grass-fed animal would produce a leaner, and healthier sausage product. We wanted to make a product lower in fat, cholesterol, sodium and without nitrite preservatives and monosodium glutamate, yet still preserving the vitamin and polyunsaturated fatty acid content characteristic of grass-fed beef. To meet our goals it was necessary to use the beef cuts that normally went into roasts or ground chuck for our sausage product. Our partnership with Peter Blokhuis, a USDA and Certified Organic processor was critical to this project. Peter is a Netherlands born meat processor schooled in the European methods of meat processing and sausage production. Peter was able to come up with a recipe that enabled a unique, tasty, low fat, low cholesterol, low sodium, summer sausage product that met all our goals. Visit our caldwell farms and beltie beef websites for nutritional and other information.

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