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We are currently raising grass fed, Black Angus Cattle. We finish the cattle by adding grain to their diet the last 6 weeks. This adds some marbling for flavor. We have 5 quarters left to sell at $5.25 lb. hanging weight. The beef is aged. Processing is in included except for .35lb. making hamburger patties. The meat comes wrapped in plastic and paper and labeled. Farm History: In 2007 We purchased a farm that, over the past several decades, has been used as a nursery. We have since converted the farm back to its original state as a working farm.2008 through 2010 we have grown produce. 2011 we are raising Black Angus beef cattle. You can reach the Kraft's at 440-946-5005 should you have any questions. Many Blessings from Jim, Tammy, Lynnea and Jared Kraft

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