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Carraig Farm (Carraig being Gaelic for stone) is the Leclerc homestead located in Ashby, Ma. Sustainable and organic practices are used including rotational grazing, herbal worming, vermiculture and natural composting - we would simply have it no other way. All land is under a forest stewardship plan along with sound agricultural and replanting plans. Free range poultry, lamb, goat, vegetables, jams, chutneys and eggs (duck and chicken) are available. We run a yearly summer CSA with pickup here at our farm. Boxes include edible flowers, our own goats milk soap, our own free range chicken (1 x a month), fruit including strawberries and grapes, rhubarb, herbs and lavender wands. Vegetables included in boxes are spinach, mizuna, heirloom tomatoes, peppers (multi colored), beets, carrot, leek, kohlrabi, pie pumpkins, heirloom squash, spuds, cabbage, kale, chard and eggplant. There will be additions to these basic crops. Organic whole wheat flour, rye flour and wheatberries from a wonderful local Massachusetts farm also included. At each pickup duck and chicken eggs will also be included. Towards late summer jam and our own honey will be available for purchase. Recipes incorporating the vegetables in your box are included weekly. Our grass fed lamb and goat is available whole, half or by the cut. Tanned hides, handspun yarn, angora and wool are available for purchase. Organic honey is available in October/November. In addition we offer educational workshops such as wool spinning/dying and crafting. Please visit our farm website for further info or call anytime.

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