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Black Bear Country Farms is a family run country farm. What we offer is a small mix of Americana. We started Black Bear Country Farms in rural NJ - yes NEW JERSEY! The main office of the farm still resides in Sussex County NJ. Less than 2% of the population of the entire state resides in Sussex county - and therefore has remained a beautiful part of the country. With rolling hills and forested mountains, it offers a great place to continue the lost tradition of Homesteading. Here at Black Bear Country Farms we offer our own select all-natural fresh turkeys and chickens. The all-natural birds are first hand raised on a small farm in Sussex County New Jersey for about 8 weeks and then moved to their home in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania. Each of these free-range birds is processed by hand in small volumes under USDA inspection. We feel that you won't find better tasting poultry anywhere Black Bear Country Farms also offers some handmade Amish style furniture, All Natural Candles that are free from paraffin wax, seasonal treats such as candied and caramel apples - oh and did we mention our all natural eggs?

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