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Family owned and operated since 2003 our goal is to provide you with the very best that we can offer. We carry a large selection of Organic,Chemical-Free, and Non G.M.O products. This includes flours, pasta, snacks, meats, cheeses,& produce.During the spring we grow and offer Non G.M.O plants and also carry a wide selection of Heirloom, Non G.M.O seeds. To further aid your gardening we have organic fertilizers, and a large variety of gardening books. And if you need any help, we have a Master Gardener on staff. We carry homesteading products including canning supplies ( fresh spices, Mrs. Wages mixes, canning jars & lids, & caners) how-to books, fermenting crocks, and more. Beginner or experienced we are here to suppport your healthy lifestyles

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