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Our Freed Family Farm is proud to be the seventh generation to preserve and produce food for our community and world. Our family is interested in providing safe, healthy products for your family and ours. Our farm has been in the family for over 70 years. In 2013, we decided to diversify our traditional wheat, cattle, and alfalfa farm into fresh vegetables, so we set aside an area that is now our vegetable production area. We use natural growing practices in our vegetable production. In 2014, we expanded into soaps, lotions, and jellies. Since we grow herbs and peppers on the farm, we try to use them as much as possible in our jellies. We have a CSA, and can be found at the Enid Farmer's Market with our vegetables. In addition, we attend many local area craft shows with our handcrafted products. Contact us if you would like a farm tour, and feel free to email with questions.

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