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Our goal is to produce hardy, healthy, productive and parasite resistant Katahdin Sheep that thrive in an easy-care, forage based system. We are a multigenerational family farm that specializes in producing the highest quality lamb. We raise what are known as Katahdin Hair Sheep specifically for their mild, tender meat, and because without wool they are better suited to our climate. They are also more parasite tolerant and disease resistant which means less worming. We do not give hormones or broad spectrum antibiotics to our animals. They all get to live a pasture based lifestyle with green grass, fresh hay and clean water. We sell both live and market lambs (usually all intact males). Rams are available when they reach 60-70 lbs. Market lambs are sold on a per pound basis. We offer individually wrapped cuts of naturally raised fresh lamb from our farm that are cut at an USDA inspected site. Our ewes and ewe lambs are sometimes for sale and please just ask us about them.

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