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Georgia's Texas GrassFed Beef and Natural Meats is located on a Farm and Ranch just minutes north of downtown Houston. We are a sustainable operation with areas of the farm certified organic by the Texas Department of Agriculture. We own a meat processing facility in Bellville Texas allowing us to control the quality of meat from birth to your table. Several other GrassFed Beef operations utilize our processing plant to process their beef. In addition to our GrassFed Beef operation we offer GrassFed Lamb, GrassFed Goat, Natural Pork, Pastured Poultry, and Certified Organic Turkey. We practice paddock rotation, grazing our animals on a particular pasture for no more than three days, then allow the pasture to recover for a minimum of three days before the next herd is rotated onto the pasture. Our pastureland is organically fertilized once a year providing our herd a luscious pastureland all year long. We never bring any cattle feedstock onto the farm, instead we bale our own hay providing us with adequate supply of feed should our pasturelands not be yielding enough grass during the winter months or draught. In 1992, Georgia Bost and her husband Richard Bost, along with a few of their friends, founded Texans for Urban Sustainability, a regional organization for organic technology for sustainability (TexUS ROOTS) in order to share their knowledge with farmers, ranchers, landscapers, nurseries, and landscape architects, and those who then created Green Movement Houston.

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