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At Enviro-Worms we farm worms to sell for clean composting. Items included with the worm sales consist of various size wood worm compost bins, kitchen bins, worm harvesters, vermicompost, and organic matter. The worm bins are made to order, with legs to keep them raised above ground and a hinged lid. The worm bin construction allows for ample air circulation to provide oxygen to the worms and aid in the break-down process, yet discrete enough to keep unwanted pests away. Our worms are sold starting at one half pound and increase by one pound increments. We can deliver items for a fee or you can pick up your items at our location with advanced notice. Among other products we have in stock are a plastic compost bin for your kitchen. The construction of the kitchen bin has a convenient inner and outer lid seal to keep odors locked in and pests out. This compost bin for your kitchen also comes with a handle for easy transport from inside to your outside worm compost bin. This container holds up to two gallons of debris from kitchen scraps and helps to aid in the break-down process for the worms as secondary feeders. We can also construct worm harvesters for anyone interested in learning to farm or sell their own worms to their respective communities. We have vermicompost on hand which is the end-product of worm consumption. These worm castings are packed with the highest levels of organic nutrient matter to boost soil quality levels of small potted plants to large gardens. The high water-solubility of vermicompost helps to accelerate nutrient absorption in plants. Aside from the vermicompost, we also sell organic compost matter; the soil that remains after the worms have broken-down the compost. Both vermicompost and organic soil matter are sold by volume as opposed to weight. This is clean composting with the benefit of creating soil enrichment. Although we prefer local orders, we can make arrangements for shipping and handling costs.

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