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Or farm is named in honor of our Native American heritage (Cherokee and Creek). We maintain 100 acres as a wildlife sanctuary and farm a small area. With the addition of an eight foot fence around our farm area, we are able to live in harmony with our animal friends. Our farming methods are based on our beliefs in sustainable agriculture and enduring respect for the land and it's animals. Our farm was developed based on the wide row, raised bed, organic method. We do not use any mechanical tools in the farm area; all beds are prepared by hand with a broadfork. No synthetic fertilizers, insecticides, or herbicides are used. Beds are composted with mushroom compost from a local farm, mulched with wheat or rye straw, and irrigated with soaker hoses. Feed the soil and the soil with feed the plants! All of our vegetables and herbs are heirlooms. We farm year round and grow a wide variety of crops. We are no longer growing produce for sale but are focused on growing vegetable and herb bedding plants exclusively for Tallahassee Nurseries (

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