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Awlyahsi·yo· (awl-yah-SEE-yo) is a collaborative partnership between two young farmers, Mallory and Lucas, along with youth apprentices who work and learn on our farm. Mallory and Lucas met in 2019 while working at Dream of Wild Health. We started farming together to honor the seeds we each have grown and been given so far. Between us, there are over 100 different varieties of vegetables, herbs, and flowers that we grow at our farm! Because we grow mostly from our own saved seeds, we're excited to offer many unique varieties in our CSA that aren't typically found anywhere else. Every week we pass on some stories of the amazing produce in your box, whether it's a special variety from our own seed collection, or little known facts about well-known foods. Here are some of our favorite customer testimonials: "That cucumber was so good it made me forget what I was doing on my phone" - T "The Awlyahsi·yo· CSA was always a chance to try something new. We especially loved the squash blossoms, a hard-to-find treat! Mallory and Lucas put so much care into making it a great experience" - L Not only are we certified organic, our produce goes above and beyond organic standards. We don't use any chemical fertilizer or harmful pesticides, and all of our seeds are organically grown. We use cover crops for soil health as well as a living mulch instead of wasteful black plastic or fabric row cover. In addition to providing top tier produce, Awlyahsi·yo· offers an apprenticeship for youth who are beginning their seed keeping journey. We provide emerging seed keepers with guidance and mentorship, as well as a safe place to grow with their seeds. Awlyahsi·yo· is a word in Lucas' native language of Oneida that basically means "good heart". We feel that we need to have a good heart, a good mind, and a good spirit when we're farming. We need a good heart to be able to take care of all of the precious seeds that we have in our bundles. We need to have a good mind to be able to take care of the land that we are on. And we need to have a good spirit to continue the work that we're doing.

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