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Dropstone Farms is a 95-acre farm in the Orting Valley of Pierce County, Washington. We provide the greater Puget Sound region with high-quality pastured meats, fed Certified Organic grass/hay and grain, and raised using sustainable methods that nurture the health of the soil as well as the animals. We are motivated by the conviction that the farming methods that result in happy, healthy animals and maximal soil conservation also produce the highest quality meats. We envision a local food system in which producers, consumers, and livestock work together to heal the land, feed the community, and provide producers a living wage. We produce pork, beef, lamb, and chicken. All our animals are raised on our Certified Organic pastures for as much of the year as possible, and fed our own Certified Organic hay during the winter. The pigs and chickens also enjoy a Certified Organic grain ration -- and wow, they REALLY enjoy it.

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