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Welcome to Black Diamond Vermicompost It's becoming common knowledge - worm castings, or vermicompost, as we prefer to call it, is a very beneficial component to healthy soil. However it's not just about the worms! What worms eat is also important. If you find worms in soil, you will also find their food - invisible, yet very much alive, micro-organisms. Worms must eat too, and they feed on bacteria and fungi that grow on decomposing organic matter (OM). So, if worms are not in your soil, then we need to invite them! By adding Black Diamond Vermicompost to your planting mix, fields, orchards or vineyards, you immediately add the value found when worms are naturally present. Then add Organic Matter and over time, you may attract your own worm friends that can help you establish a complete soil food web, encouraging the growth of healthy, strong, disease resistant plants, bearing naturally sweet and nutritious fruit and vegetables. Black Diamond Vermicompost comes from a huge family of happy, healthy worms living in Paso Robles wine country. Our worms feed on specially prepared nutritious dairy manure pre-composted prior to feeding. Their living environment is carefully monitored: the bin temperature is regulated, water-misted, and they are left undisturbed to roam freely in a giant off-the-ground high-tech worm bed - allowing them to do what they do best - feed, mate, and make a most incredible natural fertilizer. While science has made great strides documenting what is so unique about the worms digestion process, and why worm castings have the ability to suppress plant diseases and ward off pests, we'll simply we call it worm magic and let Nature take the credit. We sell worms too! Call us! We invite you to take a tour and learn more about the fascinating world of worms. 805.674.0194 "Start at the Root of the Matter"

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