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A first-generation family farm, specializing in Angus cattle which is located in the heart of Schoharie county. At Ease Acres strives to not only provide their customers with a high-quality product but also superior customer service. Owners and operators, Derrick and Nicole DeBoer have always challenged themselves to provide a consistent, first-class product to their customers by making their cattle a top priority. With a strong focus on the genetics of our cattle through pedigrees, and dna testing to achieve the highest quality. We are devoted to producing high quality beef that the Angus breed is known for today. Our beef is all-natural and pasture raised without any hormones. The cattle on our farm are feed hay and forages grown and harvested from our farm as well as high quality all-natural grains purchased from local producers in our area. At Ease Acres is Beef Quality Assurance certified and our beef is always USDA inspected and processed in an Animal Welfare approved facility. We sell, whole animal wholesale beef, retail beef cuts as well as whole and half steers. As well as pasture raised all natural pork and, pasture raised chickens. Pasture raised pork is available in wholes or halves as well as individual retail cuts. Pasture raised chickens are available in whole or halves. Check out our website for more information on our family farm.

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