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We are a fourth generation farm that has transitioned from milking Jerseys to naturally raising pork, beef, chicken, and turkey to keep farming for the love of the land. We started out just feeding ourselves and a few neighbors since it was important for everyone to know where there food came from and how it lived, translating into healthier and tastier meat. Over the past few years, demand has grown, so we have embarked on the adventure of providing our meat from our farm to everyone's table by selling retail by the pound. The meat is Vermont State inspected during butchering and processing and is vacuum sealed to ensure freshness after cutting, locking in it's natural juices and flavor. Our Beef are Hereford or Hereford crosses with Angus or Holstein and are 18-24 months of age pasture fed on our beautiful Montgomery Land and grain/cornmeal finished for marbling the last two weeks prior to butchering. Our Pork consists of Yorkshire/Tamworth/Berkshire crosses. We find crossing these breeds brings out the best of all of them, and enhancing the pork's flavor. Our sows are NOT confined to the dreaded gestation or farrowing crates. They are free to have farrow their piglets and raise them without this strict confinement. They get to enjoy the outdoors, root, wallow, and well--be pigs! They are fed Poulin grain to balance their diet as well as prep scraps from the school, farmstands, and local restaurants. Chickens and turkeys are raised on the land as well. They reside in moveable pens in the fresh air to graze the pastures but stay safe from predators. The poultry for meat or for eggs are supplemented with grain as well to ensure they receive the proper nourishment. We take great pride in our land and in the way we raise our animals. We ensure that all of them are able to enjoy life the way nature intended whenever possible. In cooler/winter weather all livestock receive unlimited access to our hay that has been cultivated earlier in the year at it's peak. Even the pigs enjoy eating hay as well as nesting in it! We welcome question and visitors..but bring a treat, as the pigs love treats! Follow us on Facebook to see what happens on the farm! In the summertime, we can be found at Montgomery Farmer's Market, Jeffersonville Farmer's Market, and at Smuggler's Notch Farmer's Market.

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