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I do not believe in the use of Chemicals on soil, water or plants, trying to keep the produce as nutritious as possible. Sustainable farming with rain barrels, solar and more. All seeds are Heirloom - untreated/ organic. I am the third generation on this farm I hope to keep it going for the next generation. As the farm house was built in 1810 one of the oldest in the area, with a great water table, spring fed creek, every year more and more wild life keeps coming back. I am no longer a CSA farm. These are some of the items I offer here at the farm and Farm Markets: Parents wood Fret work & Iris Fold greeting cards (cards and Fret work is made largely of reclaimed materials) our home made Bake goods (by order, made from our produce and organic ingredients), some spring seedlings, our home made Jams and Jellies, Berries, Vegetables, greens, potatoes, eggs. I do honor the Geauga Senior Summer fresh Produce Vouchers Is very important to me to provide the Healthiest Fresh produce for everyone. I can not give it away but, am trying to keep prices as low as I can so everyone can enjoy eating healthy.

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