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WHO'S YOUR FARMER? Everyone needs to know their farmer personally. Why? Because a farmer that you know is a farmer you can trust. Beaverdam Creek Farm is a small artisanal farm owned and lovingly tended by the Lingo family. We specialize in growing tasty, gourmet vegetables, herbs, berries, grass fed meats, stone-ground grits and cornmeal and Sweetbriar Apothecary natural bath products. We do not use harmful pesticides, herbicides, soil-destroying chemical fertilizers and other toxins. We build soil fertility using environmentally-friendly methods such as composting, mulching, and cover cropping. This year, instead of buying your food from an industrial corporation, how about purchasing a share in our family farm? We would love to be your personal farmers! To catch up on the latest happenings at Beaverdam Creek, be sure to visit our website ( and follow us on Facebook ( For more information about Sweetbriar Apothecary Bath Products visit Sincerely, Philip, Trish, Tricia Ann, Jake, Renee & Jackson Lingo & Daniel Stouffer

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