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Be Whole Again Farm is owned by Scott and Rachel Moser. The center of our farm is a small herd of 100% grass-fed dairy cows--primarily Jerseys--producing real, raw milk. All of our cows have been tested and confirmed to produce only A2 beta-casein, which results in known to be less inflammatory. Our cows get to nurse their own calves and are just milked once per day. They rotationally graze pastures that are not sprayed with any chemicals, and we feed hydroponic barley/wheat fodder, alfalfa, and grass hay as supplemental feed. All feed is non-GMO. No hormones used. We only use antibiotics as a last resort to save the life of the animal, and we adhere to all withdrawal periods. We have very low mastitis rates because our calves get to nurse throughout the day and we just do a once a day milking in the morning. Machine milked, strained, rapidly chilled in a bulk-tank, bottled in gallon or half gallon glass jars, raw, non-pasteurized, non-homogenized milk. See our website for current pricing and delivery locations in the Kansas City area. We also sell eggs from truly free-range hens that are also fed nothing GMO, Grass-fed beef, pastured non-GMO chicken, and Soy-free Non-GMO Pastured Berkshire Pork.

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