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Chiron Farms aka Chiron Dairy started in 1942 in Bosque Farms New Mexico. After moving to Texas, we had finally made our way to Decatur TX in 1982. Continuing the Dairy business until 2007. Never using inorganic products or methods, the land has sat in all of its nutrients waiting for the return of the Organic age. This new chapter 'Chiron Farms' will provide the meaning of healthy grass fed animals and products. And whaty it can do for not only the environment but for us. Combined with the knowledge from the past and present, i'm excited to be part of this CSA. We are looking to grow a rang of products from Organic Vegetables, Grass fed organic Chickens and eggs, and slowly moving towards beef cattle. We have adopted the 'Joel Salatins' methods of moving animals on a daily basis. We will be creating a VLOG for our progress and look forward to feedback and connecting with our community.

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