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Amherst MicroGreens is located in Amherst NH. We only use 100% certified organic seeds and soil. We always harvest the same day we deliver. We grow year round, and only indoors, so no chemical will ever come near our microgreens. Microgreens are known to pack up to 40 times more nutrients than their adult versions. They are the most healthy and efficient way to ingest vitamins naturally, plus they are delicious and look beautiful! We are dedicated to bringing our community the freshest, tastiest, and best microgreens that exist anywhere. We are fastidious with our planting, growing and packaging procedures, ensuring pure microgreens, grown locally, with no additives, pesticides, preservatives, or anything other than the healthy, pure microgreen itself. We sell microgreens at our local farmer's markets, at local restaurants, in small supermarkets, and through our website. Please visit [link:xxx][/link] to order and learn more! Amherst MicroGreens has 2 harvests a week. Orders that exceed 1lb can be delivered to local areas. Under 1 pound must be picked up at the farm, or reserved and picked up at a farmer's market. Tours of our indoor farm can be set up by contacting us. Please call 603-554-7116. Thank you for your business!

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