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Bear Creek Farm is a certified organic farm located north of La Crosse, WI on Highway 53 between Ettrick and Blair, WI. Here you will find 70 acres of gentle-rolling hills bordering the Bear Creek, where Black Angus beef peacefully roam overlooking fields of organic vegetables. We received our organic certification from the Midwest Organic Services Agency in the spring of 2007. Since then, we have added a greenhouse for transplant sales and 2 high tunnels for heirloom tomato production. Along with growing organic vegetables, it is our pleasure to raise Black Angus beef with natural methods, using no growth hormones, antibiotics, or feed lot containment. The beef cattle are never in pens, but allowed to freely graze until the time they are scheduled go to market. Because we do not fatten or finish the steers with corn before slaughter, you will find the cuts of beef very lean and flavorful. Bear Creek Farm offers certified organic chickens that are raised on free-range pasture, free from herbicides or pesticides. The chickens are packaged whole, with neck and giblets in the inner cavity and range in weight from 4.5 to 6.5 pounds; we also offer boneless chicken breasts.

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