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With more than 35 years of growing experience; our 210 acre real family farm specializes in high quality fruit and vegetables with exceptional flavor. We offer direct sales on the farm through our Farm Stand, You Pick and CSA shares. Fruit and vegetables are also available Saturdays at Fairport Farmers Market. In an effort to be the most sustainable and responsible to the land, environment, our employees and customers we combine the best of 3 practices OG (Organic), IPM (Integrated Pest Management) and GAP (Good Agricultural Practices). We hire an Advisory Service with Professional Scouts. We spray only when needed using the safest "softest" materials targeting very specific situations. We mulch, mow, lime, compost, cover crop, hand weed, cultivate, disc, plow, drip irrigate, test our plants, soil and water. Our mission at G and S Orchards is to operate a diverse, self sufficient and profitable fruit and vegetable farm by growing and marketing the highest quality produce. We strive to maintain fair and reasonable pricing as well as provide a positive and educational experience for our customers. We are active in our community involvement and enrichment, possess a commitment to good stewardship of the land and provide a safe and enjoyable working environment for our employees and ourselves.

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