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Certified Organic Produce from Lancaster County We have been growing organic produce since 1998. We started by raising potatoes, tomatoes, winter squash, and broccoli; and selling it all wholesale. We've since expanded our crops to include Sweet Corn, Heirloom Tomatoes, Peppers, Lettuce, Watermelon, Cabbage, Carrots, Beets, and Garlic. In 2002 we partnered with Paradise Organics and between the two farms, we offered a full line of fresh organic vegetables to wholesale markets. In 2008 we extended our marketing to a farmer's market in Philadelphia. In November 2009, we began our first Winter CSA. We now offer three vegetable and one fruit CSAs per year. Our Early Start CSA runs for four weeks in the month of April. Our Spring/Summer CSA runs from May through August. And our Fall CSA runs from September through December. Our Fruit Share runs from June through October. Through the CSA, we are able to provide fresh organic vegetables (and a few fruits) directly to the end consumer. We also offer add-on egg, fruit, and yogurt shares. We deliver to many different locations. We have delivery points in Philadelphia and surrounding counties We offer in home delivery service to many locations in Philadelphia. We also have a local delivery route for Lancaster County.

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