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A totally customizable, super convenient box of organic veggies, grown, harvested, and delivered to your neighborhood by a single person: Your Farmer. Our Veggie Box is the most convenient way to get the highest quality produce to your table. Each week, no matter your subscription length, our hassle free veggie box contains $25 dollars worth of organic veggies. Plus, no more worrying about what to make for dinner - your box includes weekly seasonal meal inspiration based on your produce. Always harvested same day as your pickup, our produce is Naturally Grown + Beyond Organic - this means that we grow with a commitment to our whole ecosystem - soil, water, and YOU. Our Veggie Box is available year round! Step 1: Choose the length of your subscription, from one week, up to three months Step Two: Choose from two convenient pick up locations Step Three: Customize *All proceeds support our Yards that Yield Program, converting suburban lawns into no-cost market gardens, our food education initiative!*

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