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Cedar Meadow Farm is a small, family-run farm in Southeastern CT providing consumers with pasture raised poultry, turkeys, duck, rabbit, fresh eggs, and pork from heritage breeds. We believe your food should not contain antibiotics and growth hormones, shipped hundreds of miles across the country and handled by countless individuals. We oppose high-throughput factory farming and are doing our part to provide a fresh and healthy product to our patrons. Unlike commercial farms, our turkeys and broilers spend most of their lives out on pasture. Keeping poultry in this manner is not a new idea to animal husbandry. In fact, it is a step back in time to the way our forefathers cared for their land and livestock. Today's commercial farms rely on breeds that aren't always well suited to an open environment such as ours. At Cedar Meadow, we believe it is our responsibility to ensure the future of those breeds that were once a familiar and commonplace sight across the New England Landscape. Because of their genetic profile, heritage breed animals tend to grow at a much slower rate then their commercial cousins. Though this requires a greater investment in both time and money, we think you will agree it is well worth it! In addition to better taste and healthier food, you can take pride in knowing that you are preserving a part of America's past. By supporting our farm, you are helping to keep heritage breeds flourishing and centuries-old traditions alive and well.

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