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Buffalo Creek Berry Farm is open to the public during June and July for you pick blueberries, blackberries and mulberries. We sell u-pick berries by the gallon ($12) and half-gallon ($7); we also sell pre-picked berries upon advance request ($25/gal and $5/pint). Contact us for availability of pre-picked raspberries ($8/pint). We welcome everyone and have clean restrooms available. Weather affects picking. Hours are 7 am - 2 pm from Thursday to Sunday. See our website for each berry's season open day, special events, and farm updates; also find us on Facebook at Buffalo Creek Berry Farm GA. We do not use pesticides or chemical sprays and are working towards organic and biodynamic certification. We have 2500 blueberry plants, 2000 blackberry bushes, 16 mulberry trees, 250 raspberry plants along with new plantings of 220 pomegranates, 12 elderberry bushes, and 16 muscadine vines in winter 2017.

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