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Aragon Alpacas raises Huacaya alpacas for their fine fleece. We offer animals for sale to establish or add to your herd, or for fiber production. We also own a few select herdsires available for outside breedings. Mentoring is a part of every alpaca sale ~ we learned from our mentors and pass it forward. Alpaca fleece comes in a wide range of natural colors: from white and pale fawns to rich mahogany browns, silvery and rose grays, and blacks. It also accepts dye easily. The fleece is harvested annually and sold as raw fiber or processed into roving or yarn for hand-crafters. A limited amount of raw fleece is available free each year for school projects. Our herd is purposefully small so that we know and attend to each animal individually. Alpacas are generally peaceful and curious creatures, and they are especially eco-friendly. Their diet is low-protein, and they nibble the grass rather than pull it up by the roots. Their feet have padded toes that are gentle on the landscape. Alpaca fleece is lanolin-free, and with minimal carding, it can be ready to spin right off of the animal. Some refer to alpaca fleece as hypo-allergenic since it does not need to be chemically scoured. In the fashion world, alpaca is comparable to cashmere. After agisting (boarding) our herd for a few years while we found and readied our farm, we now have all of our alpacas with us. Agisting enabled us to grow our herd and establish our investment, putting it to work for us much sooner. The cria (alpaca babies) entertain us with their romping antics. We are here to answer your questions questions about these fine livestock, and encourage farm tours by appointment.

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