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We are a small homestead, turned farmstead in 2014 when we bought our first goats and made our first sale for religious holiday.In 2015 we added heritage cross pigs to the farm for custom order which was hugely successful. The five month old hogs went to USDA slaughter at 267 lbs.thanks to great breeding and their own organically grown crops. We have continued to increase the number and quality of our goat herd, with a focus on both meat and milk production. We have also bottle raised our own Boer goat stud on farm. We have recently added a flock of Khaki Campbell ducks and are having trouble keeping up with the demand for eggs. Call ahead and place a deposit on your own half or whole hog or goat. The hogs are USDA INSPECTED AND PROCESSED, and the goats can be handled in several ways. We have a small fruit orchard. We are continuously creating and improving pastures for our stock, as all our livestock are raised grass fed and unconfined. No chemicals go into the food we produce or the soils. Our goal is to be as self sustaining as possible, raise goats, hogs, broilers, ducks, and laying hens ,on grass. We hope to offer goat milk soap for sale in the future, as well. Follow us on Facebook and be a part of our growth !

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