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GLENDOWER FARMS raises pastured Iberian pigs, sustainably grown on one of Florida's oldest family farms. Through its website, Glendower offers a wide selection of fresh and cured pork products locally delivered or shipped regionally to your door. To maximize flavor and quality, these products hand crafted in small batches in a local USDA inspected facility and stored hard frozen. The meats include 7 kinds of sausage products, dry cured bacon, fresh and brined chops, a pork pastrami, and more. Try these products and you'll understand why the Iberico is often called "The Wagyu of Pork." The farm's Iberico pigs are grown in an outdoor environment that allows the pigs to express their natural instincts---they explore, root, wallow, nap, and forage on pastures and woodlands. The herd at Glendower is a farrow-to-finish operation, so if you visit the farm you can see pigs of all ages and all stages of their life cycles. Just-weaned piglets playfully romp on open pastures. The "growers" graze on millet, oats, ryegrass and other high-quality pastures where they get a daily supplement of a grain-based ration. You can see the sows (mamas) waiting to have their next litter, and the big guys (boars) who happily help them accomplish that. We believe happy pigs make the best pork! Glendower in a multi-generation family farm that has been in the same family since 1839.

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