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Tim & Angie Burton are the backbone to the operation, they moved to the farm in 1999 with there two children Greg and Mallery. Since then the nest has emptied so to say but is filling back up. Tim and Angie enjoy sharing with and learning from others how to become more self reliant from what's grown on the family farm. They are active members of the Hoosier Environmental Council as well as partcipants with many local organizations. Greg married Sabrina Rouse in 2005, a local girl from Freetown Indiana. They started dating in High School and courted via a long distance relationship when Sabrina lived in Cork, Ireland. Upon arriving back to the Unites States the two spent a summer working in the Eastern High Sierra's at the Twin Lakes Resort. After a summer in the mountains they both decided that they needed to go West so... Missoula, Montana became home to the two of them. They both attended The University of Montana- Missoula where Greg studied history and Sabrina completed a BA and Masters in Business. The two of them spent many weekends out hiking the mountains and fishing the rivers. In 2008 there family expanded. They became parents to two wonderful beautiful girls. In March they adopted a German Short hair Pointer named Skyy Belle Burton and on July 9th they welcomed there first daughter into the world, her name is Brynn Madison Burton. With so much joy and love for there family they decided that they needed to be closer to all four grandparents. On December 13, 2008 they packed up all there belongings and headed back East to the rolling hills of Southern, Indiana. The four of them are enjoying spending time with family and friends. During the festival and Maple Syrup season the two of them were an integral part of the operation. At the festival you are sure to see one of them in the SugarHouse running the evaporator and as Brynn gets bigger she will be helping out as well. Daughter Mallery graduated in 2005 and started Cosmetology school in the local area. She is heavily involved with her church group participating in many parts of the service. In October 2007 she married Josh Underwood, the preachers son. They are enjoying there life as newlyweds.

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