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Ambler Farm is a community-based, educational farm providing the community with a connection to it's agricultural past through active learning programs that focus on sustainable agriculture, responsible land stewardship and historic preservation. Ambler Farm was owned by one family for six generations. At the passing of the last family member the farm was purchased by the Town of Wilton and is now managed by a nonprofit organization, The Friends of Ambler Farm. This organization oversees activities at the farm as well as it's operations and management. A full-time farmer maintains the gardens which provide organically-grown produce via a farm stand from June through early November. Ambler Farm also participates in the Wilton Farmer's Market. Educational programs and events encompass a variety of topics related to farming, gardening, farm-to-table, and rural arts. There are programs specifically for adults and ones designed only for children including school curriculum support. The farm is open to the public every day.

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