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Carrell Farms, Inc. is dedicated to providing its family and friends with honest, nutrient dense food. We are not afraid to venture outside of the commodity structure of agriculture to produce a product free of antibiotics, drugs, and GMOs. Unique Meats Raised Right means our livestock live a specie appropriate lifestyle, eat a specie appropriate diet, and are humanely harvested. Carrell Farms holistically manages its water buffalos, alpacas, and sheep on a forage chain of warm and cool season grasses, legumes, and forbs. When dictated by the seasons or weather, grazing is supplemented with grass and/or legume hay. We never feed grain or GMOs. When ready for harvest we haul our livestock to a USDA plant in South Carolina, where the owner sits on the advisory board of Animal Welfare Approved. He and his staff share our concerns that our stock is always handled calmly and respectfully.

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