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We are located South of San Antonio about 45min drive towards the Beautiful town of Historical Castroville off of Hwy 90 and near farmers town of La Coste Pastured raised Eggs, seasonal lambs, & Pecans from our non-sprayed 60-tree orchard. Eggs are $5.75 -18pack-Dark Orange yolk-Wonderful taste-I deliver to SA area on certain days please contact me if your interested. NW area near 151/Pontranco *Please note: We are not open to the public daily only during certain times of the year. We have open house during certain times of the season. ============================== We do seasonal turkeys mainly for ourselfs but we sometimes offer a few to the public during Thanksgiving season. Interested in raw milk? Let me know I have contact for three local farms, one of them is near me.

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